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14 & Under
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Uncle Bob's "Big 7" *International*
FastPitch Tournament
14 & Under- July 18 - July 21, 2008
7 Game Guarantee - $495 Fee
16 Teams expected!

TOURNAMENTS RUN BY BOB NOWAK HAVE ALLOWED TEAMS THE CHANCE TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN TIME SLOT TO PLAY IN FOR MANY YEARS! Even though we are offering a 7 game guarantee over 3 days, teams will be able to choose the time slots they want to play in. This has been a very popular feature. We feel that since we know the maximum number of teams that can register, why not make the schedule now, and let the teams choose the times THEY want to play, instead of the time WE want them to play? Each team has its own needs as far as times to play, so we hope by allowing them to choose their own time slot off a pre set schedule, this will help them. To choose your schedule, go to the TIME SCHEDULE link at bottom of this page. Then select four choices and list them on the registration form. We will give you the first one that is available. If they are all taken, we will call you and tell you what is still available. A confirmation letter will be sent out with the choice you have been assigned, so you will know your schedule at that time. Then you can make your plans ( travel, motel, side trips to Niagara Falls, etc.) accordingly.


1) Ages: Girls 14 & Under as of January 1st, 2008.

2) A.S.A. official rules will apply. All protests are to be resolved at the time of the protest. The
Umpire - in - Chief and/or Tournament Directors have final say.

3) Roster: Maxium of 18 players. The final rosters and proof of insurance (copy or
origional) MUST be given to the tournament director no less than 1 hour prior to the start of your first game. Birth dates must be included! This rule will be strictly enforced! Proof of age must be available upon request. Players are allowed to play for only one team and one age group during each week-end, even after their team has been eliminated from Tournament play. Travel permits are no longer required!
UNOFFICIAL ROSTER - When you register an "unofficial roster (green colored) sheet" will be returned
to you. You MUST return this sheet back to the tournament director by May 22th! The names on your unofficial roster will be used for the back of our tournament tee shirts. After you send in your unofficial roster, changes for the tournament tee shirt can be made up to two weeks before your tournament weekend by contacting Mike direct at Since this roster is only for tee shirt purposes, (and not your official roster) 100% accuracy is not required. However, 100% co-operation is! .... Teams who do not return their unofficial roster in on time - MAY 22TH, their registration fee, less a $100 processing fee, will be returned and they will not be allowed to compete.

4) Teams must be ready to play at their scheduled starting times.

5) During pool play, the home team will be determined by a flip of a coin at home plate by the
umpire. The team traveling the farthest may call the coin toss. Also during pool play, the team listed first will occupy the first base dug-out. In the playoffs, the highest seeded team will occupy the first base dug-out and have choice of being home team.

6) The home team will be the official scorekeeper for all games.

7) There will be no infield practice allowed on the game diamonds! This includes
anywhere on the infield dirt.

8) 14 & Under games will be seven innings in length with the following exceptions. There will
be a time limit of one hour and thirty minutes with no new inning to start after one hour and thirty minutes. Also, the (international) tie breaker rule will be in effect after 7 innings, OR the one hour and thirty minute time limit.

9) An 8 run mercy rule will be in effect. If there is a run spread of 8 runs
after five full innings, it will therefore be determined a complete game.

10) The round robin standings will be determined as follows:
A. Best record in each division.
B. Head to Head (only applicable if ALL teams involved have played each other).
C. Fewest runs allowed in all games.
D. Coin toss.
***Forfeits are recorded as a 7 - 0 score.
***All final brackets and format for playoffs are to be determined by the number
of teams entered, and subject to change.

11) All playoff games will be 7 innings long with a one hour and thirty minute time limit - no
new inning can start after one hour and thirty minutes. For the playoffs, the eight run mercy rule will be in effect, and the (International) tie breaker rule will be in effect after seven innings.

12) All championship games will be 7 innings long with no time limit. The eight run mercy
rule will still be in effect after five innings. The (International) tie breaker rule will be in effect after seven innings.

13) Each team is responsible for their own insurance. Uncle Bob's Tournament, the Town
, Tournament Directors and the Umpires-in-Chief assume no responsibility for insurance or injury.

14) Uncle bob's official line-up cards will be furnished.

15) Uncle Bob's Tournament Committee reserves the right to change the rules as required.

16)All teams must use Certified Travel for their lodging arrangements. Certified Travel has
many discounted rooms under contract in various price ranges and locations. Any team which does not make their lodging arrangements thru Certified Travel at least one month before their tournament date, their registration fee, less a $100 processing fee, will be returned and they will not be allowed to play in this year's tournament. After a team registers, a confirmation letter is sent back with various information, including lodging information from Certified Travel. If you don't see any you like, please get back to us in a reasonable time, and we will return your registration fee in full. Certified can also be reased at 1-800-237-1517 or

FORMAT: Round Robin Pool Play -- every team is guaranteed six games, which will
be played in pool play. Then the top 8 teams will advance to the single elimination playoffs.

AWARDS: Individual and team trophies will be awarded to the champion and runner-up team.

the bottom of this page and choose 4 slots you would like to play in from our pre set schedule. You will be assigned the first one that is still available. For more details, go to the top of this page.

DRAWING: We do not have a drawing. The time slot you choose determines the pool
you will be in. We will have two pools - red with time slots 1-13 and white with time slots 14 - 26. Suggestion - If more then one team from your organization or area is registering, and you'd rather not play them in pool play, try and choose time slots that have numbers from the different pools. The time slot that you will be assigned will determine the pool you are in.

CONCESSION STAND. Our concession stand will be in full operation.
We encourage your team to use it.

OUR COMPLEX: Our complex is in a suburb of Buffalo, New York. We also have a paved parking
lot for cars, and we do not charge admission for spectators. We are less than one hour from Niagara Falls, and conviently located near motels, restaurants, shopping and theathers. Maps and discount lodging information will go out with confirmation notices.

ENTRY FEES: Should be mailed to: Bob Nowak, 27 Curlew Court, East Amherst, New York,
14051. Please make checks payable to Uncle Bob's of New York
Canadian teams, please make checks payable in American Funds.


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